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First Aid Responder (FAR)


The aim of this First Aid Responder(FAR) course is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and attitude to become a competent First Aid Responder.

Our 3-day First Aid Response course is now measured against the QQI Level 5 Occupational First Aid qualification and is acceptable in the workplace as the qualification to fulfil the Safety & Health General Application Regulations 2007-2015.

The course covers all the essential aspects of Training. This course is perfect for anyone who is looking to gain emergency first aid skills leading to qualification as a First Aid Responder.

Duration: 3 Days


first aid training


What are the benefits?


Career Progression

This course is the one of the foundation stepping stones for those interested in entering the emergency medical services, a healthcare practitioner or becoming a Trainer in Adult Education.


A First Aid Responder may become part of a volunteer group on a Community CFR Programme or assist as a First Aider in local clubs. This course will give you the knowledge to assist these groups and impart your own knowledge.


This course gives you the tools and confidence to educate learners on how to treat Life Threatening Incidents. This course could be a stepping stone in adding numerous other Instructor Courses to you CV.​


Course Content

What is covered on our First Aid Response (FAR) Instructor Course
• Demonstrate competence with the prepared clinical course content, critiqued by the course director.
• Demonstrate competence in the use of the teaching and the audio-visual material provided and technical skills in the use of the product.
• Demonstrate presentation skills.
• Demonstrate appropriate class management skills adopting adult learning techniques.
• Demonstrate appropriate assessment skills using the material and processes.
• Demonstrate good verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
• Demonstrate a mature level of interpersonal skills to develop a good faculty/student/instructor rapport.
• Demonstrate effective time management skills to ensure delivery of the entire learning package within course time constraints.
• Understand the role of documentation, standards and examination processes.
• Demonstrate assessment and evaluation in accordance with the course specific requirements.
• Training delivery.
• Defining aims and objectives.
• Effective training programs.
• Tools and Resources.
• Presentation skills.
• Setting up practical sessions.



first aid training



The assessment criteria for this lesson will be both formative and summative. Skills may be assessed during the programme, with an SAQ on completion of the last day. The format of the assessment has been aligned to criteria as below:

Course participants may have their skills assessed throughout or at the end of the course. The Responder Level Examination Handout for Recognised Institutions (PUB034) is also available. The mandatory components of Instructor assessments are:
• Undertake supervised teaching practices (minimum 2).
• Be assessed delivering both theory and practical module of the programme
• Complete full set of FAR skills assessments

Complete a short SAQ: pass mark is 80%
Certification: Successful participants will receive a First Aid Responder (FAR) Instructor Certificate
Duration: 3 Days
First Aid Refresher Course: 2 day course, once every 2 years


Who Should Attend:

Anyone looking to train others in the areas of emergency first aid skills leading to qualification as a First Aid Instructor. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2005 you should ensure that you have qualified First Aid Responders on premises, note that the FAR course covers this requirement.
Note: This programme requires a high level of trainee participation and interaction where the theory is enhanced by practical demonstration of skills and practical application by trainees.


Cost per individual €280
Group/course rate (8 participants): €2100


Max participants: 8


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