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Self Defence & Unarmed Combat (CQB) Close Quarter Battle Training

Course Outline

The SMART® Self Defence system covers a wide range of self-defence training. We help you develop a self-protection plan and understanding of the phases of any potential threat. Recognising the precursors of an attack, and applying a dynamic risk assessment developing a combative mindset, the uses of improvised weapons, defence against edged weapons, defence against firearms and much more.

Are Physical intervention techniques important?

Its very important.It teaches you to protect yourself and others from physical attacks. Other people who could be in danger are members of staff, visitors or the general public. learn how to protect yourself and others !! Physical intervention training teaches key points in law, in particular, health and safety legislation and conflict management including case studies.

The SMART® (Safe Method of Approach and Response to Threats) program is designed to prepare the individual for any likely eventualities they may encounter in their relevant spheres.

Self Defence Training


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Top 10 Benefits from Self Defense:

  1. 1. It builds confidence
  2. 2. It works on your balance
  3. 3. It helps develop self-discipline
  4. 4. It helps improve your physical conditioning
  5. 5. It improves your street awareness
  6. 6. It teaches you self-respect
  7. 7. It helps to develop a warrior spirit
  8. 8. It helps you develop a fighters reflex
  9. 9. It will help you with goal setting
  10. 10. It has a positive influence on your life


Our instructors

With over 40 years experience our team of qualified and certified instructors have extensive backgrounds in self-defence. Our team of Instructors come from the Special Forces Army Ranger Wing and other elite military units with international expertise in training government, corporate and private individuals All of our instructors are Garda vetted.

Training & Accreditation

  • - Weapons Awareness Training (WAT)
  • - Safe Method of Approach & Response Training (SMART)
  • - Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA)
  • - Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC)
security surveillance training course


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NFPS Ltd Approved Self-Defence Trainer
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