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PSAT: Personal Security Awareness Training


The five-day PSAT Personal Security Awareness training helps keep your personnel stay safe while carrying out their day-to-day work by educating them to conduct risk assessments of any given location prior to departure and upon arrival, as well as how to respond quickly and effectively should security or medical incidents occur The course is designed to provide people with skills to protect themselves and others in difficult situations. Personal safety is both a mindset and a system of awareness.

PSAT Personal Security Awareness training, commonly known as Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) or Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT) is essential pre-deployment training for those operating as NGOs, freelance journalists, and humanitarian aid workers working in hostile and remote environments, it is equally relevant to those operating as observers or embeds on human rights operations where supports are limited.

The PSAT Personal Security Awareness training course is delivered by former elite members of the Irish Defence Forces (SERE) Survival, Evasion Resistance to interrogation and Escape, School and former members of Ireland Special Forces (ARW) Army Ranger Wing, in HRT Hostage rescue operations.

The skills taught in the programme are gained form thirty years of real-time operations and training from around the globe. As well as PSAT Personal Security Awareness training, candidates will be immersed in combat trauma/first aid training, survival skills, off road vehicle handling, Weapons recognition, Kidnap awareness and hostage survival, Route planning, Survival psychology, Radio/ sat phone communications.

PSAT personal security awareness training

Personal Security Awareness Training
Course Content:

1) Route Planning

• Route planning
• Route Reconnaissance
• Vehicle safety/preparation
• Vehicle convoy procedures
• Checkpoint procedures
• Crowds, and demonstrations
• Road Traffic Collisions
• Defensive Driving
• Navigation

2) Security risk management

• Security Procedures
• The security risk management framework
• Risk assessments
• Employees and Interpreters
• Gender Awareness and Security
• The security triangle
• Security plan
• Crisis management

3) First aid

• Basic CPR
• Bleeding, Breaks and burns
• Austere illness and injury
• First aid kits and improvisation
• Emergency interventions


4) Building security

• Office security
• Residential security
• Perimeter and Exterior Security
• Internal Security
• The Safe Room
• Fire safety

5) Cyber Security & Communications

• Information security
• Online Presence and Information Security
• Communications Equipment, Procedures and Planning
• Radio and sat phone basics
• Comms procedures

6) Kidnap awareness

• Conflict management and de-escalation
• Self-defence
• Hostage Rescue operations
• Sexual assault awareness
• Restraint escape techniques

7) Survival (SERE)

• Principles of survival
• Survival psychology
• Wilderness survival skills
• Urban survival principles
• Go bags


Duration:  10 days. This can be taught in modules as stand-alone courses.
Cost per individual: €250
Group rate (20 participants): Group rates available upon request.


Max participants: 20


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