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PSAT: Personal Security Awareness Training


The PSAT Course is suitable for those who frequently travel or intend to work abroad in low threat and/ or urban environments.
The course includes:

Travel Planning & Management

• Safe Travelling
• Destination Threat/Risk Assessment

Cyber Security & Communications

• Online Presence and Information Security
• Communications Equipment, Procedures and Planning

Personal Security

• Positive Psychology, Resilience and Stress Management
• The Grab Bag

Team/Organisation Security

• Security Procedures
• International Employees and Interpreters
• Gender Awareness and Security

Building Security

• Perimeter and Exterior Security
• Internal Security
• The Safe Room

Vehicle Security

• Road Traffic Collisions
• Defensive Driving
• Journey Planning
• Navigation
• Route Reconnaissance
• Vehicle Preparation
• Pre-Departure Briefing
• Convoy Procedures


Max participants: 20


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PSAT personal security awareness training


Be prepared for working and travelling in unsafe areas! Could you deal with possible life-threatening situations and will you be able to function optimally despite the circumstances? Our personal Security Awarness Course is designed to prepare and train key personell, (HNW) High Net Worth Individuals, aid workers, researchers and other employees of NGOs , (media etc) and or government agencies for working and travelling in unsafe high threat enviroments.


This training course is based on role playing and interaction in simulations of real-life scenarios, from which you will learn and practice skills to help build self-confidence and for adopting a rational attitude. A safe learning environment is maintained at all times, and you will most likely experience a warm atmosphere and even some fun during the course. One year after completing the course. All instructors come from police and military as well as specialist security backgronds with decades of experience in high threat enviroments.
On completion the individual will have the confidence and skills to safely conduct themselves in an emergency situation.



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